The supermodel, 56, shares her cheeky sense of humor while celebrating the power of friendship.

Paulina Porizkova has been sharing gorgeous photos on Instagram from her vacation to Costa Rica, and she just dropped a topless bikini pic while also giving her friends a shout-out.

"We're told we need to wear masks again. So @thelizcarey and I are obliging😜😷," the 56-year-old supermodel wrote in the caption. In the photo, Porizkova and 40-Year-Old Virgin actress Liz Carey are posing topless in bikinis, with mask emojis covering their breasts.

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"My friends (and family) are my true riches," Porizkova continued. "They laugh and cry with me, they feed me and water me, physically and spiritually. 😉 And allow for both sides to 'bare' their souls. And yes, bodies. Thank you @thelizcarey for the photos and the fun and the food!❤️#thatswhatfriendsarefor #betweenjloandbettywhite #sexyhasnoexpirationdate #bff."

People cheered on Porizkova in the comments of her post. "I think Dr. Fauci approves 🤣🤣🤣🤣," one wrote. "Now that's poetic and a little revolutionary lol x," someone else chimed in.

Porizkova hinted in an earlier post that she recently split from boyfriend Aaron Sorkin. "I'm so grateful for his presence in my life. He helped heal me and reclaim myself," she said. "There truly may be no better man, no man who's more genuinely 'good.' He's brilliant and witty and funny and sexy. But it doesn't matter how much we may wish we were birds of a feather - we're still a duck and a goose."

Porizkova has become a champion of body positivity over the past year, regularly dropping bikini pics and naked selfies, all with the message that sexiness has no expiration date. She's also become a huge fitness fan—something she didn't start doing until she was 40, after she went on Dancing with the Stars.

"I never did anything before that. Just cigarettes and poor nutrition," she previously told Elle. Porizkova even recalled laughing at fellow supermodel Cindy Crawford for working out. "She had a fabulous body that she worked for and I was just like, 'Oh, that's stupid.' I had a good time being unhealthy for a while, but then you pay for it," she said.

Now, Porizkova cycles through a slew of exercises on a regular basis, including YouTube dance videos. "It's become something that's like brushing my teeth. It's something I have to do," she told Elle. The mom of two said she's done boxing and rowing, too, adding, "You name it, I've done it."

She's also big into Pilates, regularly sharing photos and videos on Instagram of herself doing moves.

"At fifty-six, staying in shape takes work!" she wrote in a June 15 post that showed Porizkova going through a range of Pilates exercises. "I try to exercise at least 3-5 days a week. And you know what? I frickin hate it. I don't like to sweat and huff and puff and hurt. If sitting on a couch, eating cake, drinking wine and reading did the same for me as exercise, there would be no contest. BUT. I have come to find out that 'working out' is that perfect little pill everyone is looking for. It makes you feel good, look good, good for your brain and body - a small miracle that has to be paid off by a little discomfort."

Porizkova has talked up the mental health benefits of exercise, telling Elle that working out regularly helped her get off of antidepressants. "I started exercising to help with my panic attacks and to get off antidepressants," she said. "I found out if I worked out every day, my anxiety was kept a lot at bay. And I felt better. So how great is that?"

Clearly, she's proud of the results, because Porizkova regularly shares photos of herself in bikinis, lingerie, and nothing at all to try to prove that beauty doesn't stop as you age.

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