Padma Lakshmi's Easy Tip to Get Out of a Cooking Rut

The Top Chef host, 49, dishes about what she learned creating her new show and offers up advice on expanding your palate.

I have gotten very involved with the ACLU and immigration issues. As someone who’s an immigrant, I started thinking, “What is American food?” The ethnic-food scene in the United States is very exciting. We are a nation of immigrants. That’s how the idea for [my new show] Taste the Nation got started. You can’t get mad about food—it connects people. So my hope is that people will be willing to talk to each other.

It’s been a very different experience to create something out of my own head and be responsible for it—it’s been a growing experience. One thing I learned while creating the show is that you really set the tone—everyone you work with takes cues from you. If you approach everything with a measure of enthusiasm and humility, then people will come with you.

If you are curious about different types of cuisines but aren’t sure where to start, I like to tell people to pick a spice that is very indicative of a certain region and start experimenting with it in dishes you are used to. For example, add a little curry powder to your scalloped potatoes or add a little chipotle to the mayonnaise in your potato salad. When you take a spice from another culture and add it to something you’re used to, it becomes more accessible.

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