A mystery man bravely let the media mogul know she had some greens in her teeth, and the Internet is dying to know who he is.

By Jacqueline Andriakos
October 26, 2015
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Stars, they're just like us! It turns out that Oprah Winfrey, too, occasionally faces the awkward aftermath when you fail to realize you have a green leafy vegetable stuck in your chompers. But thankfully, one bold man had the courtesy to tell her.

The media mogul, 61, took to Twitter last week to express her gratitude to a "kind gentleman who told me I had kale in my teeth," though the heroic man has still not been identified despite ongoing hurrahs from social media users.

Oprah went on to explain in her 140 characters that she had previously been eating kale chips with celebrity pal Quincy Jones and had to go straight to her other celebrity pal Laird Hamilton's apparel launch party. (We feel for you, O—Can we call you O?—when you're that busy it's hard to find time to do a mirror check.)

The Tweet quickly went viral and received a slew of hilarious responses:

Oprah also shared that Jones has lost 60 lbs.—and he credits the kale.

That's sweet and all, but the fun part is imagining this whole thing playing out.

I mean, if you were eating kale chips with Oprah Winfrey, would you be brave enough to awkwardly interrupt her, just as she was giving you some in-person "Live Your Best Life" advice, to tell her she had something in her teeth?

Answer: No. No way. Not happening.

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You'd maybe consider it like ...

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But ultimately, you'd just sit there like ...

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