The mother of two was shopping online for holiday gifts this week when she noticed the ad.

By Stephanie Hallett, HelloGiggles
Updated December 19, 2016
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There’s an insane amount of pressure on new mothers to “bounce back” after giving birth. They’re expected to “lose the baby weight” quickly and return to a sexy, svelte figure seemingly overnight. And ads directed at moms can sometimes be the worst offenders—something Olivia Wilde noticed in a breast-pump bra ad and called out on Instagram in truly epic fashion.

The mother of two was shopping online for holiday gifts this week when she noticed an ad for a breast pump featuring a woman who clearly had not given birth recently. Posting a screenshot of the ad to Instagram, Olivia wrote,

“Real quick just wanna take a break from online (lazy-person) x mas shopping to call bullshit on this ad for a breast-pump bra cuz this lady definitely did not recently birth a child who requires breastmilk to be pumped. Also want to give a quick cyber hug to this model who had to pretend to have recently birthed a milk-fed baby-child when she clearly has spent the last year lifting tiny weights and meditating."

We can always count on Olivia to tell it like it is! We also like how she recognizes this ad isn’t the model’s fault, but rather the responsibility lies on shoulders of the ad execs who greenlit this tone deaf breast pump advertisement.

The actress, who is married to fellow funnyman Jason Sudeikis, has been open about her choice to breastfeed her babies, Otis and Daisy, often sharing photos on social media and even breastfeeding in a Glamour magazine spread in 2014.

Her Glamour spread stirred up controversy at the time, with some saying her photos shamed women who are unable to breastfeed or choose not to, but she’s since said that wasn’t at all her intention and supports women’s choices.

“It was an interesting experience because that photo shoot came out of a very organic moment of having to feed my son because it was just my choice to breastfeed. But I did not in any way intend to shame women who had chosen not to breastfeed for whatever reason,” she told Yahoo Beauty. “It’s a complex issue, but the one thing that’s not complex is that people should be allowed to breastfeed wherever they want, whenever they want.”

We think Olivia’s candor about motherhood has been all-around refreshing, and we’re glad to see her confronting head-on the unreasonable expectations facing moms.

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