They've all set mind- or body-focused intentions to live even healthier in the new year.

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Cut back on social media. Pack lunch a few days a week. Prioritize self-care (for real). Many of us are working our way toward healthy goals like these, starting this week. And while you may think celebrities, with their super luxe lives, don't catch the same new-year-new-you bug, think again! The famous women below have vowed to get fitter, exude confidence, spread positive energy, and more in 2017. Even better, their Instagram accounts offer A+ motivation for anyone who could use a little spring in her step. Take a look for yourself, and get inspired to finish whatever it is you're starting this year.

If you want to stay on track with exercise...

Start by checking out Kate Hudson's Insta feed. The actress and Fabletics creator has promised to document her first 10 days of the new year as she gets back on track with her healthy routine. You'll also find evidence she's human: Day 1 involved Bloody Marys.

Day 2 she geared up to sweat it out on a Peloton bike.

And on Day 3 she and her pup hit the trail.

Also on the exercise track? Lena Dunham. The Girls star and creator shared a video in which she's dancing around and doing jumping jacks with a pal, captioning the clip, "new year gotta do it!!!!" (Psst, her pants are K-Deer, if you were wondering.)

Ashley Tisdale is also "already back at it," as she wrote on Instagram alongside a classic shot of supermodel Cindy Crawford pumping weights.

Ellie Goulding has declared 2017 the "time to get serious." The singer, who frequently shares videos of her hardcore workouts, was back in the ring throwing punches with her trainer yesterday.

If you want to practice more self-love...

Supermodel and body-positivity advocate Ashley Graham is your girl for inspiration. On January 1, the stunner shared a runway lingerie shot, and announced that she's walking into 2017 with "boldness, excitement, and confidence." She added a thank you "to all the people who helped me achieve so many of my goals, dreams and desires this past year! Dream big and get what you want." Scroll the rest of her feed and you'll find plenty of empowering messages about owning your shape and living fearlessly.

Maria Menounos shared a long and refreshing list of New Year's resolutions for 2017, including helping her mom get healthy and strong "first and foremost," getting married, starting a family, and taking some risks. Also among her to-dos: "to be unapologetically me in 2017" and "help fellow females gain further success, strength, and happiness." We can certainly get on board with those missions.

If you want to spread more positivity ...

Tennis pro Serena Williams vows to not only make this year better, but to make every day better. "Oh and spread love to all people of all nations color and background," she added on Instagram.

And if you're really serious about your goal for 2017...

Write it down. That's what Tyra Banks urged her followers to do in a post yesterday: "Better chance of it coming true if you do."

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