The One Change Molly Sims Made to Her Diet That Keeps Her From Overeating

The model-actress has joined the fan club for this trendy, creamy superfood.

Molly Sims is not the same person she was in her modeling days. Since first gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swim a decade ago, the model and actress says she's revamped her eating habits and no longer refuses to eat one particularly healthy yet high-fat food: avocados.

That's right. Back in the day, Sims would have never, ever have eaten this creamy, trendy, nutritional superstar.

"I would have never eaten an avocado 10 years ago if you paid me," Sims, who partnered with Hyatt and Chase to promote the new World of Hyatt Credit Card, tells Health. "Like, are you joking? But now, instead of binging [and] not eating all day, eat it and then you won't binge."

Aside from indulging in avocados, Sims opts for a low-carb diet. But she hasn't cut out all carbs completely.

"I do think you have to have carbs," she says. "You can't live. You can't eat only [saturated] fat because then it's gonna corrode your arteries. So I think it's a really big balance, and just trying the best to be healthy, but also happy."

She eats plenty of protein, and she also does a meatless Monday each week. To help maintain her healthy lifestyle, Sims says she's inspired by wellness influencer Kelly LeVeque, who has convinced her to consume healthy fats, such as the kind found in avocado.

Sims says that her food choices all help her maintain her physical and mental health. Instead of fasting and binging to lose weight, as many women do, she works in those good-for-you fats, drinks plenty of water, and hits the gym four times weekly.

"I commit," she says of the gym, admitting that it's not always easy. "It doesn't have to be an hour! Just a little bit." She also follows workout routines from Tracy Anderson, Body by Simone, and Tone It Up.

Whether you need some inspo to start consuming healthy fats or need motivation to hit the treadmill, Sims's words of wisdom can encourage you to find our own balance.

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