Mila Kunis talked life after new baby Wyatt Isabelle last night.


Just two months after giving birth, Mila Kunis looked stunning in her first TV appearance last night, when she joined host Craig Ferguson on "The Late Late Show." Talk quickly turned to Wyatt Isabelle, Kunis’ daughter with fiancée Ashton Kutcher. When Ferguson asked if she has a post-birth gym routine, Kunis fired back with a laugh: "It's called a baby. Breastfeeding’s a great workout!”

It's true (sort of). Moms who breastfeed burn an extra 300 to 500 calories a day compared to those who use formula, according to Kathy Mason, a registered nurse and International Board Certified lactation consultant with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. Breastfeeding also releases hormones that help your uterus revert to its pre-baby size and weight quicker. “When the baby starts nursing you can actually feel uterine contractions as it starts to shrink. It’s nature’s way of getting your body back into shape,” Mason says.

Kunis also touched on another topic familiar to moms everywhere: dealing with the lack of sleep. “I seem to eat a lot, so that kind of keeps me going during the day,” she said.

She also admitted that she’s lucky to be able to take time off to be with baby Wyatt. “I think it’s a luxury to be able to do that. I am able to be a stay-at-home mom with my kid, and I do find that nowadays people can’t do that,” she said. “Everyone has to have job and you have to have a two-person household. So I was able to take time off and actually raise my child, which I consider a blessing.”