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Getty ImagesAfter learning about our planet's problems, the chart-topping musician and mom switched to an ecofriendly lifestyle. Here's her no-hassle approach.

"I used to try to recycle my plastic a bit," Melissa says. "But after seeing a presentation by Al Gore three years ago, I decided to really make a change. When people are considering being ecofriendly, they think, ‘I'm gonna have to give up things.' But it's not true. I don't feel like I do without at all."

I use Seventh Generation biodegradable, nontoxic laundry and dishwashing detergents. People don't realize that every time they wash dishes, chemical detergent can go into the ground and surface waters and affect the ecosystem. The products I use don't break down the environment.

I love Prescriptives products because they're gentle on my skin. My favorite is the Comfort Cream.

For the twins, I use Seventh Generation diapers, which are brown and look kind of like a paper bag. But they fit well, and they're made from chlorine-free materials.

I drive a diesel Excursion. It's the hugest SUV, and I run it on 100 percent biodiesel fuel. A guy comes by and fills up the gas tank right in my garage.

After going through breast cancer, I realized I had to eat what I call closer-to-the-ground foods. The bulk of my family's diet is fruits and veggies straight from my garden or local farmers' markets.

I use canvas bags for grocery shopping and trips to the mall. I think the world is at a tipping point right now. People say it costs so much money to buy organic. But the more people buy it, the more the prices will come down.