62-Year-Old Melanie Griffith Posed in Lingerie in Body Positivity Photo

Her latest Instagram pic is serious #fitspiration, and it's going viral.

Body positivity is about the celebration and acceptance of our bodies. And, we're all for celebrating women's bodies regardless of their age—isn't "she looks great for her age" kind of a backhanded compliment? But let's just take a moment to point out that Melanie Griffith is 62 and looks like this.

Griffith posted her lingerie-and-heels pic to give a shout-out to the "amazing new lingerie line" The KiT, a collection designed by stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche "to support, enhance, and empower every [person's] body."

And yes, Griffith's black bra-and-briefs set looks great. But back to the fact that she's 62 and not only looks beautiful, strong, and healthy, she has the confidence to post a picture of herself in her lingerie on social media for the whole world to judge.

Let's face it, there's no shortage of women in lingerie on Instagram. But how many of them are in their 60s or older?

Followers flooded the post with compliments, telling her how amazing she looks. All the positive vibes are a refreshing change from earlier in the decade when the actress told USWeekly in 2012 that Twitter users seemed intent on criticizing her appearance. "Most people are telling me I look horrible," she said. "The tweets I get are really nasty."

In 2015, Griffith posted a no-filter selfie to Instagram, inviting the trolls to hit her with their worst. "Here ya go. Unfiltered. I'm 58," she wrote in the caption. "And I'm in Hawaii Five O playing Scott Caan's mom. Go ahead… Say some more mean things. Merry Christmas."

Beverly Hills-based celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Sofía Vergara, and other stars, deserves some credit for Griffith's figure. In July, the Working Girl star shared a workout video, revealing that she's been training with Peterson for seven years.

She didn't hold back when it came to showing how she felt about him. "I ADORE THIS MAN!" she wrote. "He helps me keep my 50+11 body tight and strong. He is also kind of my therapist…"

Whatever you're doing, Mel, keep doing it. And keep those selfies coming to show the world you can look hot at any age.

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