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And you can find it on Amazon.

By Susan Brickell
November 14, 2018

There's just something about holding a cup of tea (pinkies up, please!) that makes us feel oh so posh. And as if we needed another reason to obsess over the royal family, we recently discovered that one of Megan Markle's favorite teas is available to us non-royals at a super affordable price.

According to Hello magazine, Markle's pick is Kusmi Tea Detox, a refreshing blend of green tea and lemongrass, and is delicious served iced or piping hot. Sipping on this tea will make anyone feel fancy AF, but knowing it's got Markle's stamp of approval... well, we can't not buy it.

The tea leaves are packaged in colorful, sophisticated little tins that can be easily stacked inside a cabinet or left out on the kitchen counter. And there are countless blends if lemongrass isn't quite your thing. The Kusmi website says you can get roughly 50 cups of tea from their 4.4 oz tin, which is pretty impressive.

Perfect as a holiday gift, Kusmi's beautiful tins and sets are great for the tea lover in your life. Scoop one up for your mom or BFF, and grab one for yourself. You'll thank us when it's bloody freezing out.

Even better? You can find it on Amazon. Whether you're hosting a dinner party and breaking out the good china or spending Saturday morning couch-sipping in pajamas, this is about to be your favorite winter beverage. We're clicking over to Amazon stock up on Markle's go-to tea and a few other popular blends before they sell out.

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