Mayim Bialik On Why She Feels Therapy is So Important: ‘Everyone Can Use at Least a Little Bit of It’

The 45-year-old star of Fox’s Call Me Kat has a new podcast, a PhD in neuroscience, and a passion for sustainability. 

I wrote my PhD thesis on obsessive compulsive disorder. The past year has been a heck of a year, and I think a lot of people are experiencing mental health challenges in ways they maybe haven't before. So I decided to start my podcast to really break down the science behind mental health.

I'm a big believer in therapy—I'm one of those people who believes that everyone can use at least a little bit of it. I happen to believe in classic psychotherapy, where you stick with someone and go over all your issues and all that stuff. I also talk to a behavioral therapist specifically for my OCD stuff. I've also been to shamans and healers—but the consistent thing that helps me is therapy.

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[When I took a break from acting to get my PhD], one of the things I learned is that people are the same everywhere. There's not a field where women aren't mistreated or there aren't arrogant people or power struggles. It was kind of comforting to realize that. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we can run away, and you can't—you'll face things no matter what you do.

I am the queen of reduce, reuse, and recycle. I was taking a canvas bag to the supermarket in college—people thought I was insane. I don't use disposable feminine hygiene products and just switched to washable makeup remover pads—they are great.

I became a vegetarian when I was 19 and a vegan 12 years ago. I was always that kid who was uncomfortable eating animals, but I didn't know you could do anything about it. When I left my parents' house, I cut out anything that had a face. But I am also not the kind of person who believes it has to be all or nothing—everyone should make their own decisions and do what they can to have compassion for our planet.

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