Health's latest cover star was 40 pounds heavier in college, and now she lives a fit, healthy life. Steal her secrets.

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Got 15 minutes? Then you have time to tone up all over. This rapid-fire routine from Maria Menounos' trainer Andrea Orbeck builds strength and burns fat. Do a minute of cardio (jump rope, burpees) after each move, then repeat the circuit for full-body benefits.Watch the video: A Fat-Melting Workout From MariaMenounos  
| Credit: James White

Did you know that Health's cover star Maria Menounos was 40 pounds heavier in college? She's done a complete 180 since then, giving up "competitive" eating for portion control, and trading the couch for on-the-go workouts. She's so passionate about maintaining her healthier lifestyle that she wrote about the experience in her new book, The EveryGirl's Guide to Diet & Fitness.

In her cover shoot video, she shares her best weight-loss tips, the things that make her happiest, and how she got those killer abs. But looks aren't everything. "It really is about your health. It isn't about being skinny," she says. "And that is a big message I try to relay with my new book."

She also shared a speedy, 7-move circuit workout: A Fat-Melting Workout From Maria Menounos.

To go behind the scenes of Maria's cover shoot, watch the video.