Lucy Hale shares her favorite self-care tricks, including using sheet masks on flights and meditating to fight stress.

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Any woman with a busy lifestyle knows how hard it can be to set aside time for herself—but also how important it is to do so. Take Lucy Hale, who stars in the new CW show Life Sentence and upcoming movies The Unicorn and Truth or Dare, for example: While the actress is constantly on-the-go and traveling from coast to coast, she carves out time for self care, too.

"It's about finding these moments where you're not being pulled in a million different directions," Hale told Health in a recent interview. "I think self care is important because that's the stuff that keeps me sane. We all have busy schedules and lifestyles and even if you just take five minutes a day to stay away from your phone and just close your eyes, whatever it is, I think those are the things that keep you feeling and looking your best."

While self care looks different for everyone, Hale says she tries to wake up earlier to squeeze in some time for herself. "I love flying so much because I am literally forced to do nothing," she continues. "I try not to even buy the WiFi because you can really just chill out and relax. But when I'm home in LA my me time is usually my workouts, I try to start the day with that."

As for her favorite workouts, spinning has been Hale's go-to for a while, but she recently started a new class called Training Mate which currently has two studios in Los Angeles. "It's high-intensity circuit training but taught by Australians and they're really funny—they all tell jokes," she says. "It's more like the experience but it's also a really challenging workout, too."

It's clear that Hale is a pro at putting her well-being first—so we asked her to share her six best self-care tips for an Instagram Story interview.

1. Wear a sheet mask on an airplane.

"I'm always traveling and my skin is always dehydrated and tired so I always wear a face mask, one of the sheet face masks, on the plane."

2. Prioritize being comfortable when it comes to your wardrobe.

"When I travel I love to be comfortable, I love to bring my favorite items, my essentials, my favorite black and white t-shirts and dresses so I can mix and match them," says Hale, nodding to her recent partnership with Degree UltraClear.

"The whole purpose of this is so you can rewear your favorite items of clothing, which for me the partnership seemed super natural because I'm always mixing and matching my favorite things," she explains.

3. Start your day with meditation.

"I recently started doing this: I've been meditating. So I bought this app called Insight Timer and you can choose whatever you want to meditate on, and it's anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours long. I try to start my day with that."

4. End your day with your skincare routine and a hot bath.

"I try to wind down my day with my skincare routine which takes like 30 minutes, and then I'll try to take a bath and that's what gets me ready for bed."

5. Drink water!

"Drink lots of water, which I can also improve on. But I drink a lot of coffee so you sort of have to balance it out."

6. Never say no to a nap.

"I am a huge believer in naps, I think every day I try to squeeze in a little nap where I can."