There's no love like self-love….


Lucy Hale is embracing self-love—and she now has a permanent symbol on her skin that she can look to when she needs to remember her worth and feel empowered.

Hale took to Instagram last week to tell her followers about her new tattoo and its important message. “I got this tattoo recently as a symbol of self-love," the actress wrote. "And that’s what this last year has been about...being alone (but not lonely), not settling and truly finding my inner light & loving who I am.”

Hale, who lives by the mantra "be kind to yourself," has been very candid on the internet about her struggles with cystic acne. The Pretty Little Liars star encourages young women to love themselves and be grateful.

Hale posted the photo on Valentine's Day, and she went on the say that she feels happy and loved even without a significant other. “I am so happy with the place I’m in and unbelievably grateful for the overflowing love I have in my life,” she wrote.

Hale isn’t the only celebrity whose body art makes a powerful statement. Selena Gomez and her fellow cast members famously got semicolon tattoos after the release of her Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. The semicolon has become a symbol of hope for those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Gomez is also very open about her struggles with depression and anxiety.

Body ink is a permanent and constant reminder for those with mental health issues to stay optimistic and positive. Check out a few of our favorite self-love tattoos here: