You've always wanted to take a bite out of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Screw the bunnies. This is what we want for Easter: a life-size statue of British heartthrob, Benedict Cumberbatch—made entirely out of chocolate. (Just when you thought he couldn’t be any more irresistible, right?)

The treat is the brainchild of Britain’s UKTV, which was looking for a novel way to promote their new drama on-demand streaming service.

The station polled 2,000 women to get their pick for the “dishiest TV drama actor,” and the Oscar-nominee won, hands down.

The team—which included a sculptor, chocolatier, and model maker—used red carpet photos of the Sherlock actor to achieve the jaw-dropping 6-foot model. “The striking thing about Benedict is that he’s got quite a thin face but he's got quite a large head,” said lead sculptor Tim Simpson, in a video about the process. “So trying to get that look right is quite tricky.”

All told, the statue took 250 hours, 500 bars of Belgian chocolate, and eight crew members to sculpt. As Simpson aptly put it, “You can’t rush perfection.”

UKTV general manager of drama, Adrian Wills, just hopes “he’ll make it through Easter weekend in one piece.” Considering Cumberbatch’s off-the-charts sex appeal, we wouldn’t bet on it.

Watch the video below to see the entire process for creating #Chocobatch.