"Is my hand numb? Does my hand feel weird?"

By Alison Mango
Updated October 24, 2020

Oh, meditation. You are so good for us, and yet so hard to do.

Taking a short breather in a comfortable, quiet place should be a no-brainer, right? Experts say 20 minutes of meditation is really all you need. But even when the stars align (you remembered to silence your phone, you're wearing a shirt that doesn't itch) it can be seriously hard to chill out.

Feel familiar? Then you need to watch this new Vogue video, in which Lena Dunham hysterically portrays how challenging it can be to get your thoughts to just shut up.

As Dunham settles into the lotus position on her bed, she starts to get hyper-aware of the sensations in various parts of her body ("Now my toe's numb. That's a thing. That's a thing but it's a thing that's O.K."). Then come the anxious thoughts: If she and her boyfriend have a kid, will their relationship fall apart? Flash to visions of said kid tearing up her Vogue cover. You get the idea.

As the worries begin whirling through Dunham's mind (including the possibility that she will develop a lazy eye), she repeatedly brings herself back to the task at hand ("I am focused, I am breathing") until—finally—she achieves a blissful moment of zen. That peaceful, deeply restorative state is worth all the frustration it takes to get there.

And lucky for us, getting there gets easier with practice.