Too real.

By Dobrina Zhekova,
Updated August 09, 2016
2016 Jon Kopaloff
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When it comes to beauty, celebrities, it turns out, are just like us. Ok, maybe they don't need to make an appointment at their local beauty salon for self-maintenance because most often they'll have someone come to their house to do it, but procedure-wise, we're all equal. And just like you take some time on Sundays for some beautification, so do the stars. Case in point: Lea Michele's latest Snapchat story.


It may have been shot in her kitchen, but, honestly, that could have been you or me on any given weekend. In the video, the 29-year-old actress is having her brows and upper lip (or #mustache as she refers to it) waxed by brow pro Stevi Christine and Michele's reactions are priceless.

"This is the real beauty, you guys. This is what happens when you're half-Jewish and half-Italian," the Glee star jokes. The struggle is real, Lea, and we know it.

Honestly, we'll remember this when we take care of our own fuzzy upper-lips, because it ain't fun to wax that area. Or any region, TBH. Not gonna lie, we are seriously so comforted knowing that when it comes to upperlip hair, well, being a huge star doesn't make you exempt. That dulls the slight sting... right?

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