The actress never leaves home without packing these essentials.

By Blake Bakkila
July 03, 2018
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Lea Michele is currently on her tour with former Glee co-star Darren Criss, and that means she's spending a lot of time on the road and in the air.

Being away from home has taught the actress a thing or two about staying healthy while traveling—and she's passed on to us the things she won't leave without. One thing she always prioritizes: eating right, even if that means hauling her favorite fresh produce with her on a plane or whipping up avocado toast mid-flight.

“If I can pack food with me, I will bring toast with avocado and blueberries and carrots and bring a really big fresh bag of food on the plane with me so that I have the things that I love and that I can stay on my wellness track,” says Michele, who has partnered with travel deals site Marriott Moments.

For a more grab-and-go airplane snack, she recommends MacroBars or Kind bars. “They’re so great to throw in your bag,” she says. “I bring the things I would eat and love every single day so that it doesn’t feel like I’m being uprooted. You want those little creature comforts.”

Since travel can be tough on skin, she also carries miniature bottles of her at-home healthy skin favorites.

“I can’t go anywhere without my iS clinical face wash,” she says. “They come in little special travel sizes that I’m so grateful for. I try to keep my beauty routine the absolute same. If you can get doubles of everything in smaller sizes and take them with you when you travel, I think that’s so important. People will buy something different or use whatever the hotel has, and if you have problematic skin like I do, it’s not great. You have to keep consistent with your skin.”

Michele also keeps Dr. Gross peel pads and Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask in her carry-on. She swipes the pads on her face pre- or post-flight, and applies the mask while she’s in the air.

“You put it in your skin before you get on the plane and it protects your skin while giving it nutrients while you fly,” she says. “And then when you land, you literally don’t look like you’ve been on a plane and it’s magical.”

While she focuses more on nutrition, Michele says she squeezes in a workout when she can.

“Food is your fuel,” she says. “It's your medicine, so it starts there, and then if I can find the time to workout, I will use the treadmill or the elliptical in the hotel gym. Or I'll find a local CorePower Yoga—that's my favorite yoga studio—or a SoulCycle class.”

Above all, Michele is all about self-care—both at home and on the road.

“I worked very hard in my life for a very long time to get myself to that best sort of enlightened place, and it started with finding the best workout routine for me and finding the best diet for me,” she says. “And also finding those things when I’m just home alone that make me super happy. Whether it's calling my mother, taking a bath, watching an amazing movie, or reading an incredible book.”