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My favorite holiday ritual: On Christmas morning, we always make breakfast and everyone eats before we open any presents. I makemuffins and homemade applesauce, which I dont think anyone likes
as much as I do ... I just love the way it makes the house smell!

When I need an energy boost, nothing beats … an apple with peanut butter. Has to be natural peanut butter, though ... I just cant do that peanut butter with all the extra sugar.

When I hit an exercise rut, I … call a friend to meet me for a walk. It always helps to make exercising a social opportunity!

The thing that surprises me about myself: Im not as good at multitasking as I think I used to be, and Im starting to sound like such an oldlady (“Turn that music down,” “Ow, my back”)!

My favorite natural beauty trick: Drink lots of water!
And sleep ....wish I had time to get more of that, but at least drink water. Oh, and sunscreen—is that natural?

The secret to a happy marriage is … separate bathrooms—and closets.

My best advice for juggling work and family is … separate bathrooms—andclosets!

My happy-life mantra: Make time for friends and family. Giggle, eat good food.

Doug and I would never … use Cool Whip instead of real whipped cream.

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My worst beauty mistake was: Dying my hair platinum blond. I thought it would be fun to try it for a role, but the red in my hair was really hard to get rid of—I had apricot hair for about 48 hours, and when we finally got it blond, my kids didn't recognize me!

My definition of real beauty is: Happiness...Everyone is beautiful when they're happy. Eyes smile.

My biggest health regret is: Not always having enough time to sit down and eat...Always grabbing something on the go.

I refuse to feel guilty about: Dark chocolate.