The KUWTK star just spilled the secrets to her killer core.

If you follow Kim Kardashian on Snapchat, you know the reality star is all about a good filter and a great workout. In the past, she has shared the insane-looking uphill sprint drills she does with her personal trainer. Now, she's showing fans another part of her fitness regimen, with a peek at what it really takes to sculpt that rock-hard core.

A snap Kardashian posted on Wednesday began with a pic of a battle rope and an expression of exasperation: "Wtf kinda workout is this today?!" First sign of a serious sweat session!


To really fire up her middle, Kardashian does pike-ups with a stability ball. Want to try it? Get into plank pose with your feet and ankles resting on the ball. Using your core muscles, slowly roll the ball towards your chest; then return to plank position. That's one rep. Kardashian does 20.


Another core-scorching exercise from the celeb's routine: bear crawls. This one involves getting on all-fours, with your knees lifted a few inches off the floor. With a neutral spine and your navel drawn in, move your right hand and left foot forward one step; then move your left hand and right foot forward one step. (Too see what it looks like, click here.) Kardashian does 3 sets of 10 steps. And to make the exercise even tougher, during each step she pushes a medicine ball with her lifted hand.

It's no wonder Kim's got such killer abs.

Our new fit goal: keeping up with Kardashian at the gym.