Add these healthy foods to your shopping list.

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Khloe Kardashian's kitchen is a wonder. While I struggle with keeping my cereal bowls stacked in a way that doesn't result in a giant crash and shards of glass everywhere, KoKo basically has her cereal alphabetized. That girl's kitchen is a museum of well organized snack foos. But now we have even more info about the contents of her pantry, or rather, what foods her nutritionist, Dr. Goglia, thinks you should stock up on "for a healthier lifestyle."

KoKo gave us a glimpse of his 10-item list on her app, and you'll want to start prepping your grocery list.

The first thing that made the cut isn't surprising at all. Yep, fresh veggies.

"Try to keep it seasonal for freshness, flavor, and longevity in the fridge," Dr. Goglia explains in the post. "Good, hardy vegetables like broccolini, asparagus, spinach, and bell peppers are my top choices."

Fresh fruit, eggs, chicken, and fish are all staples, according to Dr. Goglia, as is olive oil for cooking or as a salad dressing.

But what about on those nights when you forgot to meal prep and you really, really don't want to Seamless in another burrito or chow down on a sad-looking veggie burger for the third time in a week? Obviously, I'm asking for a friend...

Dr. Goglia suggests the simplest of foods—cans of tuna.

"This is the ideal emergency food for those 'Oops, I don't have any meat to cook for dinner or lunch' moments. You can use a can of tuna in salad or over veggies. It's an ideal source of high quality, low-fat protein. Make sure to buy the cans that are in water and not oil, and if you're concerned about the sodium content, just rinse in water before eating."

OK, OK. I'm going to try not to rely on that trick every single night.

You can check out all Dr. Goglia's other healthy eating tips on Khloe's app.

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