On her new show, the reality star wants to help others experience the same type of health transformation she did.

By Kathleen Felton
November 21, 2016
Getty Images

The trailer for Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian is here—and we're now counting the days until the January 12 premiere on E!.

At the beginning of the clip, Kardashian opens up about her lifelong struggle with emotional eating. "I was always overweight as a kid," she says. "If I was stressed out or sad, I would eat." But when her marriage to Lamar Odom broke apart in 2013, the reality star made a commitment to her own health. "I had to learn how to then put all my energy into something positive and healthy for me, which is how I fell in love with working out," Kardashian says.

For her super-toned bod, the 32-year-old credits frequent calorie-torching sweat sessions with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson. Now, she wants to help others experience their own transformation. Revenge Body matches people trying to lose weight with top trainers like Peterson, Harley Pasternak, and Lacey Stone; cameras follow along as they work to get in the best shape of their lives.

"You're going to start to transform your body, and you're going to have this revenge on this life that you once had, that you won't even want anymore," Kardashian's voice-over says in the trailer.

While the trainers push the contestants to build muscle through killer workouts, they also emphasize the value of building confidence and self-esteem, because in the end that's the real goal. "It's not about a weight number," as Kardashian puts it in the trailer, "it's about how you feel."