This clip is #fitnessgoals.

By Kelly Saiz
Updated March 01, 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Keri Russell accepted Jimmy Fallon’s push-up challenge on Monday’s Tonight Show, and busted out the reps in skyscraper heels, no less.

To celebrate the fifth and final season of The Americans, as well as the show's five Emmy nominations last season, and Russell's fifth appearance on The Tonight Show, Fallon invited the actress to play a countdown game called "Fallon 5." Her first task: counting to five in a foreign language. (She chose Welsh.)

Next up: Four push-ups. "Wait, in high heels?!" Russell asked. When Fallon confirmed, she got right down to it and pulled them off with perfect form.

Watch her go in the clip below. (Push-ups start around the one-minute mark.)

As Russell finished the set, she belted out, “Yes! I mean, four push-ups in sequined pants!” To which Fallon responded, “You’re just awesome.”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Feeling inspired to improve your own push-up game? Check out our 50 push-up challenge. (It's way more doable than you think!)