The singer and songwriter speaks to Health about her go-to workout and how she stays body positive. 

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Whether you've been following Kelly Rowland's career since her Destiny's Child days, or you've joined the fandom after some of her more recent work—like that Coachella performance with Beyonce—there's one thing we can all agree on: The 37-year-old singer and mom is in amazing shape.

Here, we talk to Rowland about everything from how she learned to love her body to how she's getting ready for summer. (Hint: It involves teaming up with Schick Intuition f.a.b. to normalize body hair removal!).

On maintaining healthy habits

“I try to live a healthy lifestyle by eating the foods that my body needs. I do enjoy a burger every now and then and exercise.”

On her go-to workout

“My go-to workout is Pilates," says Rowland, who stays in shape with the help of a personal trainer rather than going to classes. "I love Pilates for core strength and I have the best teacher—Michelle is amazing."

This core workout was especially important after Rowland gave birth three years ago: “For keeping my abs together, basically after I had my son it was super tough on my body, I definitely do Pilates it just keeps the core tight, brings the abs in, the breathing, it’s just fantastic."

On how her body changed after giving birth

After Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, now 3, was born, Rowland was diagnosed with diastasis recti, which happens when your abs separate in the center during pregnancy. "I didn't understand why I had so many back problems," she says, referring to the symptom that eventually led her to seek medical attention. "I looked at my stomach like, 'That is not the same girl that was on the cover of this magazine, I look different.' But it was fine, it was just a new body to embrace—I think that I had to check myself."

On learning to love her body

“I stay body positive by taking care of my body and just being comfortable with the body that God gave me and that continues to evolve," says Rowland. "How I became comfortable with my body is understanding that no one looks like me. I kept comparing myself to so many other women who didn’t look like me, and I had to embrace me and all my flaws."

For anyone struggling with their own self-esteem, Rowland offers some advice: "You should always appreciate the fact that there’s only one you. You don’t want to look like anyone else, dress like anyone else, be shaped like anyone else. Please understand and know that every body is made differently. You are one in a million."

On how she practices self care

"I practice self care by meditating, I practice self care by spending days by myself sometimes, even if I'm just in the shower. I just try to take time for me."

On her skincare routine

"I believe in moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing. You have to wash your face before you go to bed and drink a ton of water."

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On how she's handling hair removal this summer

"Hair removal is a big topic," says Rowland. "I think you have to find what works for you whether you’re a shaving girl, a waxing girl, you’re a sugaring girl—now there’s so many different things—but for me, I like to shave my legs, and I like a Brazilian wax," she continues. (She says she has tried Brazilian sugaring before as well, but admits she found it painful.)

"My favorite new product on the market has got to be the Schick Intuition Razor. It’s bidirectional. I’m so mad this product was not out when I was 12 and learning to shave my legs."