Kelly Ripa's Definition of Health Goes Beyond Just Her Looks: 'Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit'

Kelly Ripa shares the words she lives by for both her own health and to serve others.

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Good health is something everyone strives for—including Kelly Ripa, who lives by her own personal definition of what it means to be healthy. The 49-year-old recently shared her mantra with us in the above video: "Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy sense of generosity."

Ripa, a working wife and mother of three, explained that wellness isn't just important for her; she needs to stay healthy because others depend on her, namely her family and TV audience. "A lot of people count on me, not just at home, but people that I don't even know sometimes count on me to make their days a little brighter," says Ripa.

Gratitude is a big part of her stay-healthy strategy. "Every day when I wake up in the morning, I think of myself, and I think, 'ok I woke up today, so I'm lucky; I have a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, and I can pay it forward by going out and making people feel good,'" says the Live with Kelly and Ryan host. "And that's pretty much my whole job, really."

How else does Ripa keep herself in shape? Exercise is a big priority, and she strives to fit in a daily workout. But she's realized that she needs to take care of herself on the inside, beyond just what meets the eye. "I find that I have really devoted so much time to the exterior of my body because that's oftentimes what's seen on camera."

Ripa points to her sister-in-law for helping her look past this. "She told me, 'you have to treat the inside of your body like there's a mirror in there, or like the audience can see the inside of your body,' and that's when I really started paying attention to the gaps in my nutrition and supplements."

Ripa has since turned to Persona Nutrition, a brand that offers personalized supplement recommendations to find the right vitamins to help her maintain good health. "It has made it easy for a busy working mom who is easily overwhelmed...and I love them for it," she says.

Keeping close by physically and emotionally connecting is another tactic Ripa relies on. "I try to hug the people I love, I try to reach out to them as much as possible," she says. "My husband and I are very connected to each other, not just spiritually, but we really have the same values."

Finally, health for Ripa comes back to being grateful. "I feel such gratitude that I've been able to live a great life, and if you have your health, then everything else that you have in life is gravy, it really is—so I've had a lot of gravy in my life."

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