Kelly Ripa's Dance Challenge Shows Off Her Six Pack Abs—and Her Amazing Moves

"3 mothers. 7 children. 36 pack."

Let's just say it: Kelly Ripa looks good. The 49-year-old talk show host is known for her super fit body and the intense exercise routines she regularly shares on social media. But her latest workout has us completely blown away by her ability to pull off dance moves comparable to Shakira's.

On February 5, Ripa posted a video on Instagram of herself and two friends (Elsa Marie Collins and her trainer, Anna Kaiser) dancing it out in a choreographed routine to ″The Water Dance″ by Chris Porter. All three showed off their washboard abs while stepping through the complicated dance moves, which were part of the ″Shakira Champeta challenge." (Champeta is a style of dance from Colombia, which Shakira worked into her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday.)

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″3 mothers. 7 children. 36 pack," she wrote in her caption. And if that's not goals, what is?

Kaiser also shared a video of the routine to her account, giving fans even more material to gawk over.

"Heading to LA with @kellyripatomorrow, be sure to follow along on our stories to see all the excitement, behind the scenes... maybe a few dance rehearsals," she captioned the post.

It's no surprise that Ripa can kill it on the dance floor. Her go-to workout is at AKT In Motion, a studio founded by Kaiser that offers a variety of classes combining dance with strength exercises and circuit training. Kaiser previously told to Health that her well-rounded program gives Ripa a full-body workout in a single session.

″She [Ripa] is extremely busy and AKT is super efficient as well as effective and crazy fun,″ Kaiser said. ″We have such a blast together and she can get everything she needs, strength, cardio, power, stretching, in one place, instead of running to different boutique studios trying to fit it all in. Plus, the music is everything. We are both obsessed with finding the best music. It really drives the workout."

As you'd expect, Ripa frequents her pal's place quite a bit. According to Kaiser, Ripa's been coming to her classes for over 10 years. No wonder their dance is so flawless. If Shakira is looking for any new backup dancers, she knows where to find them.

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