Kate Hudson on her go-to mantras and the launch of her supplement line.

By Lisa DeSantis
October 05, 2020
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Kate Hudson is no stranger to healthy living. Her activewear line, Fabletics, quickly garnered a celebrity following after its launch in 2013 and has continued growing in popularity since. (It was one of the first sites we visited during quarantine, because what are jeans anyway?)

The actress’ latest wellness venture is into the supplement space with INBLOOM, a line of plant-based powders designed to help improve focus, energy, sleep quality, and more. We sat down with Hudson (virtually, of course) to find out more about the brand and how her favorite mantras align with her wellness and life goals.

Her 3 favorite mantras

Hudson has several mantras she lives by, but her favorite is this: “It’s better to be wise than right.” She repeats this to herself every day, and the saying helps ground her when she listens to her gut and knows what's right—yet something blocks her from acting on her instincts. “It slows your reactivity down in a moment when you want to react to something,” she tells Health. It also reminds this mom of three that whatever she’s feels like starting a fight over probably isn't worth it.

Another mantra she loves came from Reese Witherspoon. In a moment when she was feeling insecure, Reese told Hudson, “You deserve to be here.” Those five words of confidence meant a whole lot more than either of these old friends realized at the time. Whenever she feels self-conscious, she repeats this phrase—a reminder that she is good enough to stand up for herself. “Just by being alive and being here, I deserve to have a floor to be able to speak my mind,” she explains.

When stress starts to creep up, Hudson relies on a third mantra: “Take a walk, Kate, take a walk." When things feel heavy, I try to remember—and this sounds very morbid—but we really don’t have that long here. Like, this is it. I mean this is the opportunity, we don’t know what tomorrow brings and we see devastation everyday and sometimes I think it’s really important for us to check out, meaning, put everything down and just be where you’re at without distraction."

Why she started INBLOOM

Because of her actress and celebrity status, brands often came to Hudson and asked her to endorse products. But she had a different idea. "I was like, ‘I don’t want to endorse other people’s products, I want to build [a] business that has more conscious consumerism that is about things that actually matter,’” she says. Because health, wellness and fun matter to her, a line of supplements made sense—especially one that was affordable.

Her favorite supplement from her line is Brain Flow, which helps cognitive function. She's even whipped it into smoothies. "It just kind of wakes the brain up," she says.

Her go-to beauty products

“There’s a couple of them," she says. "I always say Egyptian Magic ($32 for 4oz.; amazon.com) and I know that’s really boring, but I don’t go anywhere without Egyptian Magic and I’ve said that for 100 years at this point." She also loves Tata Harper’s Regenerating Exfoliating Cleanser ($84; amazon.com). This one "has the light exfoliation in it. I use a million products, but I always come back to that. It’s sort of a go-to favorite. And I actually use that as a secondary cleanser just because I like to get all the makeup off of my skin."

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