In a world of gluten-free everything, the actress isn't afraid to share how much she loves bread—and we're even more obsessed with her now.
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Health and happiness go hand in hand, but finding a good balance can be difficult—especially for someone with as busy a schedule as Lethal Weapon actress Jordana Brewster. The mom of two (who's also well known for her work on The Fast and Furious movies), has found a way to keep her mind and body healthy by staying consistent with her family's schedule and taking time for herself to stay sane. Her idea of self care? Having an hour to herself when no one else is home.

Here, seven more smart moves Brewster does every single day to stay healthy.

1. Get zen times two

The actress makes a point to start and end her day with quiet meditation. "It centers me and grounds me," Brewster tells Health about her meditation practice. "I practice Vedic meditation, which is twenty minutes twice a day. Since becoming a mom though, it's honestly only fifteen minutes because it's really difficult to sit for forty minutes, especially when the kids are running around. But I find that fifteen is enough for me to recharge and I find that it then gives me enough bandwidth to have patience."

2. Sweat it out

When she's not chasing after her kids, Brewster can be found at a Body by Simone class. "I love the dance classes and I love the body sculpting classes," she says. "It's just fun to get in a room with a bunch of other women and just dance and listen to good music."

3. Make a schedule (and stick to it)

Because her own schedule is constantly changing, Brewster has found that creating a consistent schedule for her kids makes a big difference. "They sleep at the same time everyday, eat at the same time everyday, nap at the same time, their schools are consistent," she explains.

4. Find what works

The actress—who suffers from both indoor and outdoor allergies when home in LA, and is often fighting pesky symptoms like runny nose and watery eyes—is partnering with Zyrtec. "I take it everyday for consistent allergy relief," she says.

5. Go green—but don't be afraid of carbs

Although Brewster aims to eat a healthy diet and tries "to get in as many veggies as I can," she also believes in balance. "If I were ever asked to give up gluten, I could not do it," she says. "I love bread so much."

6. Embrace eye masks

Brewster references eye masks as a self-care staple, particularly when her allergies are acting up or she's traveling. "Now they make them that they're almost invisible," she raves. Some of her favorites include Wander Gold Foil Eye Mask ($25; and Rodial Dragons Blood Eye Mask ($39;

7. Just keep sipping

Hydration is key, Brewster tells us. "I drink a ton of water and I start my day off with hot water and lemon," she says.