Legend says love is the motivation for so much of what he does.

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We're obsessed with following John Legend and his adorable family on social media—from super sweet moments between Luna and Miles to hilarious couple moments as told through his wife Chrissy Teigen's twitter. So, when we interviewed Legend as the latest celeb in our "What's Your Mantra" series (see the video above!), it came as no surprise that he credits love as the motivation for so much of what he does, including giving back.

"Philanthropy really actually is about saying we love mankind; we love our fellow human beings and care about their humanity," he tells Health. "That's what drives me to try to use my platform to help people and bring people together."

Legend's positive outlook helps him live a healthy lifestyle—but he knows how important eating right is as well. "What you put in your body means so much," he says. Teigen is known for her serious cooking skills (her second cookbook, Cravings 2, came out this past fall), but Legend says he has his own role to play in the family's meal prep. "I'm like the sous-chef—I chop, I do whatever Chrissy asks me to do, but she's in charge."

Want to steal the couple's go-to recipe? "Our favorite is roasted branzino with some roasted vegetables," says Legend. "We love that."

And if social media has made you suspect that the Legend family is joined at the hip, you're not wrong. (Legend has even been known to share photos of his wife while breast-pumping after all.) When we brought up me-time, Legend simply laughed. "What is me time? We have two kids now, there is no me-time," he said.

The only alone time Legend really gets is when he's working out. "I'm on my own zone...I have my head phones on, on the treadmill or on the bike or something. That's my me-time."

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