Jiggly Bits, Transformed

Sure, some spots are tougher to tone than others (hello, bat wings), but it is possible to get results. Here's how

We all have body parts that we consider less than stellar, but I don't like to call them " problem areas." This negative self-talk does nothing but drag you down. Instead ask yourself, Where in my figure is there an imbalance? It's a small shift in language and perspective that puts you in an achiever mind-set so you're prepared to take the necessary steps to reach workout success. This workout targets the places women typically find to be out of balance—core, underarms and along the outer thighs. As your body gets into proper proportion, you'll notice that you feel stronger, too.

With this

sculpting series, you'll work your way through moves that hit a multitude of muscles for better body symmetry, stat. Do the sequence in order, and pair with 30 to 60 minutes of cardio. Aim to sweat six times a week for the quickest, best results.

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Front-Back Small Punch

Nathaniel Welch

Start with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, holding a 3-pound weight in each hand. Bend elbows, bringing hands to chest height and slightly in front of body (A). Rotate arms so that palms face down, then punch straight out to sides (B). Return arms to chest height, this time squeezing shoulder blades together and bringing arms behind body before punching out. This is 1 rep. Repeat 30 times with quick motions.

This move tones your whole arm.

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Hamstring Stretch with Hip Flexor Tuck

Nathaniel Welch

Lie on left side with upper body propped up on left forearm. Lift right leg straight up and hold heel with right hand. Bend left knee and raise left leg a few inches above floor (A). Straighten left leg, keeping it hovering above floor, and engage inner thigh (B). Return to "A" and repeat. Do 30 reps, then do 30 reps on other side.

Great for your core and inner thighs.

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Upside-Down Butt Lift

Nathaniel Welch

Start kneeling, then bend elbows and bring forearms in front of chest to form two parallel lines. Lower down and forward to forearms and rest forehead on floor. Lift right leg out to side from hip (A). Lower right leg back to floor, then kick it back and up (B). Return leg to floor. Repeat 30 times, then do 30 reps on other side.

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Split and Tuck

Nathaniel Welch

Lie faceup, with legs in a split and lifted about 6 inches off floor and hands placed lightly on back of head. Crunch up slightly (A). Bring legs together, then tuck knees into chest and crunch up more (B). Extend legs straight out and return to "A." Repeat 30 times.

To really work your abs, try not to let your legs touch the floor.

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