"No topic is off-limits or shameful."


As if we needed another reason to be head-over-heels in love with Jessica Biel, listen to this: The actress recently teamed up with the nonprofit WomanCare Global (WCG) to found the Tryst Network, an online resource that aims to “improve the sexual health IQ of women and their partners through fun, reliable, and empowering online content.”

The Tryst Network might just be getting started, but the organization has already made good on its promise to serve up honest and relatable sexual health info. The proof is in a video just released on YouTube, which features Biel and funny lady Chelsea Handler chatting about—what else?—their vaginas.

Not surprisingly, the clip is hilarious and informative. When Biel asks whether it’s weird to look at your vagina with a mirror, Handler responds, “No! You have to check in with your vagina. How else are you going to know what’s going on down there? You have to check in with her, see if she’s hungry, if she wants to get fed that night, if she wants to go out.”

The stars ponder their private parts throughout the video, establishing the difference between the vulva and the vagina and agreeing that not all look the same. Handler compares hers to a boat, while Biel says hers looks like a “smug, young Bert Reynolds, with the mustache.” The bottom line, according to the adorable duo? “I have a [vagina] and I’m proud!” Preach.

The video embodies exactly what the Tryst Network aims to do: create a judgment-free platform that helps increase women’s sexual health IQ. “We want people to know that NO topic is off limits or shameful, and that no question is a bad question when it comes to seeking the answers you need to make an informed decision about sex and your body,” says Biel on the organization’s website.

As for how co-founding the Tryst Network has inspired Biel to be more sex positive in her own life, she admits it has helped her feel less ashamed about her sexual fantasies: “It was something I used to feel guilty about and I’ve since learned to embrace it. This is who I am. It’s a wonderful part of sexuality and it can be a fun part of your intimate life alone or with a partner.”