Let's get loud for her smokeshow abs.

By Christina Oehler
Updated May 17, 2019

Forget her booty—J.Lo’s abs are what we’re staring at this time. On Thursday, the 49-year-old mom of two shared a sexy shot of her washboard abs on Instagram while wearing eco-friendly leggings to boot.

“Feelin’ wavy 🌊 in these @niyamasol leggings that are made from recycled plastic, and are a reminder to keep our oceans clean, by practicing the first Niyama called Saucha,” the singer wrote alongside of a photo of herself rocking a pair of turquoise leggings.

The new photo comes two weeks after her appearance at the Met Gala, when she stunned in a glimmering white Versace gown. Lopez, who is known for her no-nonsense workout routine, has been always made fitness a priority despite her busy career. In October 2018, Lopez shared a shot of her impressive biceps, revealing that she is in “the best shape of my life.”

“Feeling like superwoman after the show tonight,” she wrote in a caption. “When I started this run I thought omg 15 shows in 27 days that’s a lot... but I made a promise to myself that instead of letting it wear me down I would be even stronger at the end of it...I will work out and be in the best shape of my life... There were moments I was tired and there was travel and I had to fit in my workouts where I could... but here we are with only 3 shows left!! And I am having so many emotions but mostly just feeling strong, happy and grateful!!!”

This isn't the first time she's given us a close-up look at those flawless abs, either. In late March, the actress shared a shot of her toned body from the set of her upcoming movie, Hustlers.

The movie, which follows the story of young strippers (played by Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, and Constance Wu) and will likely show offmore of J.Lo's bangin' bod. Hey, we're not complaining.