Jeannie Mai's Mantra Is Perfect for Anyone Struggling in a Relationship Right Now

The host of The Real relies on these words as she gets ready for marriage.

Pop the champagne: 41-year-old The Real talk show host Jeannie Mai recently announced that she's engaged to rapper Jeezy. While she's ecstatic about her upcoming nuptials, Mai credits her go-to mantra for helping her build the strong, healthy relationship she has now. Mai shared her personal mantra with Health and explained how a change in her mentality paid off in her love life.

"My mantra is, if you want to fall in love, lose fear. If you want to stay in love, lose ego," says Mai.

Mai explains that she first encountered this mantra in motivational author Cleo Wade’s book Heart Talks, and it’s changed her perspective on relationships.

“The reason why this quote is so important to me is because I learned it later on in life. You know, you go through love through high school, and in your twenties and your thirties, but when you get to a more grown type of love, you realize real love is about sacrifice and selflessness,” she says. “It’s about focusing on how to make that other person feel whole and safe.”

Mai announced her engagement on Instagram in early April, three years after her split from her actor ex-husband Freddy Harteis in 2017. Harteis and Mai had been together since 2007, and in an emotional episode of The Real, she explained that her divorce was "one of the most traumatic things that can happen."

But she was quick to follow up her statement by saying that while she felt jaded about marriage, she never gave up on love.

"It’s not about winning an argument or coming out on top or having all the answers," says Mai. "So that’s the best quote I believe and attribute where I am today to be happily engaged."

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