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Getty ImagesJane Krakowski, a star on NBC's 30 Rock, reveals the words she lives by, the workout she loves (its short!), and whats truly in her fridge.

My happy-life motto is … Keep calm and carry on.

My favorite kind of workout is … one set of one.

The workout I could live without is … anything more than one set of one.

The best stay-slim advice I ever got was … eat less, exercise more. Proven formula—always works.

The most nutritious things in my fridge right now are … ice cubes.

The least nutritious is … expired film.

My philosophy on chocolate is … everything in moderation. No deprivation.

Wearing a fat suit on 30 Rock made me feel … the irony of showbiz. To explain: For the first time in my life, Id hired a personal trainer and worked out six days a week for a month-and-a-half before we started filming season 2 of 30 Rock so Id look my best. Then Tina Fey called a week before filming began and said, “How do you feel about wearing a 30-pound fat suit?” Ahh, the irony of it all.

To be honest, playing the ultimate superficial star on 30 Rock is … a blast!!!

Turning 40 was … just another day—ha!

The best cure for stress is … see my philosophy on chocolate.

Saturday mornings youll find me … hopefully, not feeling too bad after what happened on Friday night.

My most embarrassing moment was … one Halloween, feeling sexy dressed as Brigitte Bardot and being mistaken for Victoria Gotti.

In five years, I hope to be … a mom and having play dates with Tinas daughter, Alice, on the set of season 8 of 30 Rock.