Iskra Lawrence Poses in PJs to Speak Out About Self-Love on Instagram: 'Gained Weight, Still Feel Cute'

The UK-born model wants to normalize weight gain.

British supermodel Iskra Lawrence just took to Instagram to make the point that weight gain and self-love go hand-in-hand. The 30-year-old mom posted a series of photos of herself wearing silk two-piece sleepwear, posing on her bed looking happy and confident. "Gained weight, still feel cute," she wrote in the caption.

In her caption, Lawrence emphasized that it's normal for bodies to change, and that's nothing to be ashamed of or hide. "Let's continue to normalize that our bodies fluctuate; soften, strengthen, stretch and evolve as we grow into new versions of ourselves," Lawrence said. "What a gift to have a body that allows us to experience this life."

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Fans were quick to react to Lawrence's post, including fellow celebrities. Model Tess Holliday wrote, "Wanna squeeze you," and Felicity Hayward commented, "Cutie."

Other followers drew inspiration from the post. User @kayladopfer wrote in the comments: "You're such an inspiration to all women. Thank you for all your body image positivity."

This isn't the first time Lawrence has spoken out about body positivity. Earlier this summer, she posted a video of herself posing in a bikini, writing in the caption: "I'm a 10. And so are you. Don't let anybody call you a 2 period."

In January, she opened up about what it was like going back to the modeling world after giving birth to her son. "Still getting used to modeling in this new body that's stretched, widened, and feels softer but stronger than ever," she wrote. "After birth I'm also reborn. A new chance to fall in love with a new me."

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