Barbie is here to remind everyone that stretch marks are normal.

By Gina Florio, HelloGiggles
Updated December 15, 2016
Credit: @barbienox/Instagram

When it was announced that Barbie Ferreira was the face of Missguided’s fall campaign, we were pumped. 2016 was a year when the world just couldn’t turn away from this stunning model who posed for American Eagle’s lingerie line aerie and advocated for untouched photos, so we could see what women really look like. Since then she’s been slaying on her own social media accounts, posting selfies featuring her fresh sense of fashion and releasing a mini series on YouTube called “Body Party.”

Barbie has become a reliable source of realness and beauty, and she’s back with a selfie that reminds us how important it is to love exactly what your body looks like today.

Since she posted the Instagram 15 hours ago, the photo already has over 16,000 likes—and the comments are all overwhelming positive, the Instagram users praising the model for her honesty.

One user writes, “My stretch marks look very similar, thank you so much for sharing this, it truly helped me.” Another commented, “I have stretch marks on every part of my body and…i don’t care. It’s me and my story and and I’m happy for that. Thanks for your message. Love you.”

We think your body is cute, too, Barbie. Super cute. We’re used to Barbie promoting body positivity, especially after her “Body Party” mini series brought along models like Jordyn Woods and Torraine Futurum to talk about body image and self acceptance. Still, it never gets old.

She once told TIME that she was “deeply insecure” as a kid, so she hopes her work as a plus-size model will inspire girls everywhere to embrace their figure, no matter what it may look like from the outside. Seeing her expose her own stretch marks is an especially important thing to witness, because the truth is, a lot of women have stretch marks. The media always covers them up, though, with the photoshopping and editing, so we rarely get to see them, even though they’re perfectly natural.

Barbie is here to remind everyone, though, that stretch marks are normal, they’re sexy, and they’re certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

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