Southland star Regina Kingshares her guilty pleasures, how she beats stress, and what really keeps her grounded.

When I want a fun night out … I have to be honest, Im not the ultimate party girl. Ive been a mom for 13 years. A fun night out is pretty easy for me. It usually involves a bottle of wine and friends.

The most surprising thing Ive learned about myself from being a mom is … I have patience! Who knew!!!

My best healthy eating habit: eating at least one salad a day.

When it comes to food, my biggest weakness is … thats a hard one. I loveall food! It depends on the mood. I love sweets. I love fried foods. You fry it, Ill try it.

My favorite workout is … a quick one. Or something that doesnt feel like youre working out, i.e., dancing, racquetball.

My feeling on birthdays: Grateful to have lived another year! I always make time for … a family member or friend who needs an ear. They do the same for me.

I usually beat stress thanks to … my dog. Hes a big one, and he has to be run/walked. So it forces me to take at least 30 minutes to release any tension I may or may not have.

My happy-life motto: Become friendly with the present moment, even if this present moment doesnt feel so great.

The most important lesson I learned growing up is … to share. It makes you feel good.

Next Page: The last new thing I tried... [ pagebreak ]The person who inspires me the most is: My son. When you become a mother life changes completely. For me when he was born it was like I was born again. I'm his most constant example of an adult. And I want to be a good one. So he inspires me to put in the work to be better.

The last new thing I tried was: Fried garbanzo beans. Surprise surprise!!! They were delish. I was staying at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad and they had it in place of soybeans at the lobby bar. I've never seen fried garbanzo beans at any of the other Four Seasons or anywhere else, for that matter. LOL!

To me, the word “diet” is: Taboo. It seems like when most people do go on a diet, they are setting themselves up to fail. If you want to change how you look and feel, it needs to be a life change.

The moment I really knew I was a mom was when: I felt Ian fluttering inside me.

The make-life-easier gadget Im currently obsessed with: I don't have any new gadgets I'm obsessed with but I pretty much use my Magic Bullet, garlic press, and BlackBerry daily.

My favorite guilty pleasure is: As I said I love food! And I love to cook. I love to invite friends and family over for dinner and "guilty pleasures" So I have many guilty pleasures. So the last guilty pleasure I consumed, I made homemade vanilla ice cream and ginger chocolate chunk cookies! Soooo good. The beauty of having people over, there aren't any leftovers.