Lindsey Jacobellis is a top American snowboarder and Olympic silver medalist. She is currently a spokesperson for Vicks DayQuil & Vicks NyQuil, training for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and blogging for
Getting closer to the games by the second! Im keeping busy, staying true to my training routine, and feeling pretty good about where I am right now. A few people have asked me lately how I stay focused and ready to perform. My biggest trick for staying calm is treating the Olympic Winter Games like any other event. I stay in my same routine, and this allows me to keep my cool in a big competition. Leading up to an event, I am also very careful to stay as healthy as possible. Usually I just follow typical mom advice of eating nutritious foods, exercising, and drinking lots of water, and it seems to work. Plus, I have a secret weapon for hydration—coconut water!

Since being active is my life, being healthy is important to me. The best fitness advice I have is that exercising shouldnt be a chore. Thats one thing I love about snowboarding—I get a good workout and I have a blast doing it! Fun activities like snowboarding, surfing, and walking your dog are actually good forms of exercise. I suggest tricking yourself into working out by hitting the slopes this winter! To me, the exercising comes easy; its the junk food that can be tough to avoid. I definitely have a sweet tooth, so working out gives me an excuse to indulge…well, every once in a while at least.

I am constantly traveling, staying in hotels, and hitting the slopes, so you would think Id get sick often, but I dont. For the most part, I think that eating healthy, working out, and getting enough rest are the main reasons that I get sick only once a year. In order to be my best, I have to feel at the top of my game, so I take the steps to ensure good health.

With the games quickly approaching, I better get going. Off to training. Enjoy those workouts!

– Lindsey J

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