Celebs reveal the big and small steps theyre taking to protect our planet:

“I turn off the water when Im shaving my legs or brushing my teeth. I do what I can every day, but I dont obsess.”—Minka Kelly, star of NBCs Friday Night Lights

“I started a soy-candle line to help benefit Heifer International, an incredible organization that gives animals to people all over the world. Heifer teaches them to care for the animals in an ecologically friendly way and helps lift them up out of poverty. The line is called Nells Compass, which well sell through our store, I really feel organizations like Heifer lift up people and the Earth at the same time.”—Mary Steenburgen, co-star of this summers The Proposal

“I just launched a hair line with hairstylist David Babaii called David Babaii for WildAid. I wanted to do a product that was natural and relatively affordable. It was really important to me that it was safe for the environment.”—Kate Hudson, star of Bride Wars

“Whenever I left the house, I used to leave all the lights on, because Im afraid of the dark, but Ive gotten over it to conserve energy. And I dont waste water while taking showers or washing my face. I still drive an SUV, but Im gonna get rid of it. Teslas coming out with these little electric cars that I want to get as soon as theyre out.”—Megan Fox, star of this summers Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

“Ive always been obsessed with turning lights off when I leave a room. Im very frugal! I like opening my windows and not turning the air-conditioning on—that kind of thing. I think if I turn my dryer off a little more frequently that would be awfully helpful, too.”—Jane Kaczmarek, star of TNTs Raising the Bar

“I try to do everything that is eco-friendly … even with the dog food that I buy!”—Paula Abdul, judge on Foxs American Idol

“I really want to buy a Kindle. It holds hundreds of novels in its memory. Its eco-friendly because theres no paper. And if youre going on vacation, you dont have to lug all these books around!”—Debra Messing, star of USAs The Starter Wife

“I take the train! I dont have a car in the city, so I am always taking public transportation.”
Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBCs The Rachel Maddow Show