Healthy Advice From Your Favorite Celebs

Sometimes celebrities dont live the healthiest lives—whether its smoking, crash dieting, or just staying in unhealthy relationships.

Other times, they have to deal with serious health problems. As a breast cancer survivor, Sheryl Crow, talks about how she kept strong, Brooke Shields shares her struggle with postpartum depression, Debi Mazar offers her advice for how to deal with a family member with bipolar disorder, and Billie Jean King reveals her struggles with diabetes.

Wonder what makes stars happy? Kristin Davis found joy through volunteering with Oxfam International and Marcia Cross says she was elated after the birth of her twins.

To deal with stress, Mariska Hargitay enjoys a piece of dark chocolate, Padma Lakshmi hops in a warm bath, Rashida Jones likes to drive with the windows down, and Stephanie March tries to reach a calm and clear place.

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