Her #FitnessFriday posts are motivating us to get moving.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated March 05, 2018

Halle Berry just revealed the secret to how she stays fit: stretching. For Week 8 of her #FitnessFriday series, the actress talked about how she incorporates stretching into her fitness program.

“After I work out, it’s important for me to stretch and lengthen,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of herself practicing yoga in a black leotard. “Fitness is not just about running, lifting and punching. For me, being athletic and super fit is also about being still, stretching and breathing.”

Berry called out the benefits of slowing things down with a stretching routine. “Including stretching in my fitness program helps my muscles stay long, limber, improves my mobility and range of motion and, most importantly, helps me avoid injuries,” she said.

She also included one of her go-to yoga poses, the shoulder stand, which she said stretches her spine and legs. “I feel 2 inches taller after this stretch!” she wrote, then went into other perks of doing yoga, like stress management and better sleep.

Berry encouraged her followers to share their favorite yoga poses, and she promoted a hip mobility exercise featured on her Instagram story. (Her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, performed the move.) Shortly after her post went up, fans were quick to respond with the restorative poses they love.

If Berry's post has convinced you to do more stretching, check out these four stretches we suggest you incorporate into your routine. Yoga stretching just might be the secret of her success. This movie star mother of two is 51 years old, and she's never looked more incredible—she comes off as relaxed, fit, and most of all, healthy.

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