We think she'd be BFFs with Poot Lovato.

Meet Gym Kardashian, the KarJenner relative we never knew we needed.

Earlier this week, one Twitter user shared a photo of Kim Kardashian West rocking a set of rock-hard biceps. The image is clearly altered, but that didn’t stop people from falling in love with this new meme.

“Me after opening someone’s water bottle because they couldn’t do it themselves,” @shadesof666 captioned the photoshopped image of Kardashian West with her arms crossed. Within a few days, the post received more than 220,000 likes and nearly 90,000 retweets.

Thanks to one respondent, the meme has a name: Gym Kardashian.

“GYM KARDASHIAN IS THE QUEEN!” @Twizleyterrific shared soon after the original was posted, and it included an additional Gym Kardashian–inspired image.

There was even a poll, in which over 7,000 respondents voted on whether the meme should be called Gym Kardashian, Muscle Kim, or GYM KIM. Gym Kardashian won in a landslide with 71% of the vote. But it didn’t there, as people continued to add some muscle to Kardashian West.

And while the muscles are definitely fake, the name isn’t so far off. Kardashian West occasionally Snapchats her trips to the gym, and she's shared that she goes “every single day for over an hour.” If you want to keep up with her workouts, check out one of her ab-toning routines here.

She’s also a big fan of protein, though she probably doesn’t score quite as much love as Gym Kardashian. Late last month, the reality star snapped a stack of pancakes topped with bananas, captioning it “Protein Pancakes.”