Greys Anatomys Jessica Capshaw, 33—mom of 2-year-old Luke—reveals how she injects joy into her life. (For one, she stays close to mom Kate Capshaw and stepdad Steven Spielberg.)

My go-to healthy snack is … a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar. Its portable, nutritious, and delicious.

When I work out I listen to … Top 20 hits all the way! My musical taste is like a 16-year-old girls when it comes to working out—Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus. I love it all!

The one beauty step I never skip is … using sunscreen.

My favorite body part: Legs, legs, legs! They are my only body part that seems to resist looking out of shape even when I am really out of shape.

I love the Web site … They have amazing editors who put together gorgeous and practical looks to buy right there.

Ill never go on the red-carpet without … feeling comfortable and good about myself. Ive braved the red carpet when I didnt feel comfortable, and when I look at the pictures it always shows!

My favorite family ritual: Sundays at the farmers market and the
playground next to it … and Wednesday is family-dinner night with our parents.

My happy-life mantra: Everything happens for a reason.

The TV show I cant resist: Modern Family. I laugh until I cry!

My ultimate stress buster is … a nice quiet dinner with my husband, my son, or both of them together. I always feel so restored after.