Cookie's fabulously fit frame comes from intense workouts, including this sculpting move.

By Rozalynn S. Frazier
Updated December 09, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

Unless you've been locked in an underground bunker Kimmy Schmidt-style, you know that Cookie Lyon, the matriarch on the hit Fox TV series Empire, is the Queen B (Sorry Bey!). She's a no-nonsense-taking woman who fiercely protects her family while making big business moves at the same time. And if that wasn't enough, Cookie was just named the Most Influential Fictional Character of 2015 by TIME.

While we love Cookie, we love Taraji P. Henson even more—every week, she breathes life into the sassy character. And the Oscar-nominee's fabulously fit frame…just wow. Do you remember the time she showed it off in that sexy little lingerie number? Right. Taraji proves that 45 looks damn good.

Lucky for you, we have one of her must-do moves, courtesy of her trainer Mike T. of Force Fitness Inc. Work this shoulder sculptor into your next workout and get ready to show off that upper bod.

Trainer: Mike T.
Go-to move: Incline Front & Lateral Raise
"The slow and controlled lowering of the weights forces the deltoids to stay contracted longer leading to a more effective workout. Performing both of these exercises while in the inclined position will add more challenge and strict application of these two shoulder exercises."

How to do it: Lie facedown on an incline bench. Hold a 3-pound dumbbell in each hand (palms facing in), letting arms hang down (A). Raise arms out to sides until they reach shoulder height (B). Hold, then slowly lower. Raise arms again, this time straight out in front of you (C). Pause when they reach shoulder height, then slowly lower. Repeat entire sequence. Do 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps 2 or 3 times a week; follow with stretching and cardio.

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