Gal Gadot Reveals Exactly What Makes Her 'Wonder Woman' Workouts So Intense

The actress has a trick for staying motivated when she's making movies and working out for hours a day.

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If you've ever seen Gal Gadot on the big screen as Wonder Woman, it's hard not to think of her as a real-life superhero. But that doesn't mean she's exempt from stress. So what two words help her block out the background noise and recenter herself? "Just breathe."

It's simple—but very effective. "Whenever I feel like I'm under too much pressure or things are going too fast, I just stop and breathe," she tells Health in the latest My Mantra video.

The 34-year-old actress and mom of two says that it's all about taking a moment to slow down. "Breathing is such a basic thing, but living in this modern, hectic, demanding world, we kind of forget about," she says.

In addition to breathing to relieve stress and stay balanced, Gadot, who recently became the new face of Smartwater, makes sure to stay hydrated and practices meditation.

As for her secret to staying in such good shape, Gadot shares that she's constantly mixing up her routine. "I found that whenever I do one thing for too long a period of time I get bored of it, so then I stop and then I do nothing, so now I'm proactively changing."

Luckily for Gadot, her different roles often require different training methods, and that keeps her routines interesting. The workouts that got her in shape for Wonder Woman 1984, which will be released this summer, were "super intense and demanding and exhausting," she says.

"First of all, you work out hours a day, which is not something that we're used to be doing," she explains. In the gym, she did a combination of strength work, flexibility, and cardio. "Mix all of that together; it's interesting and it's fun at times—but it's a lot," she says.

After filming wrapped up, Gadot went back to pilates and yoga to train for her movie Death on the Nile. And now that she's working on another film, Red Notice, she's back in the gym doing more cardio. "I enjoy, you know, challenging my body," she adds.

With such a packed schedule, Gadot makes an extra effort to stay active when she's on the go. "When I travel and I don't want to go downstairs to the hotel's gym, I would do a lot of planks in my room," she shares. "I feel like that helps everything, especially abdominal work, but also the rest of the core muscles around it, so I'm a big fan of planks."

Of course, we all have to make sacrifices. For Gadot, spending long hours training sometimes means skimping on sleep so that she can start her day extra early. "It's important for me to spend my time with my kids and take them to school and from school when I can," she says. "So I'll work around their schedule when I'm not shooting and you just try to find this balance...whether it's physically or emotionally or spiritually—it's a constant search."

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