Eva Mendes Has the Best Response to a Troll Who Said She's 'Getting Old'

Back atcha, hater.

In today's episode of Obnoxious Internet Comments, Eva Mendes is the latest celeb to be targeted—and for quite possibly the most eye-rolling reason. Of course, the actress and mother-of-two wasn't going to let the snark slide.

It started on February 1, after Mendes, 45, shared a short video of herself to Instagram showing off her latest haircut and some of the clothes she designs.

"⁣Back to work. Design meeting," Mendes wrote in her caption. "My coworker getting her kicks and teasing me about my "cute" new hair."

While most users who viewed the post saw a gorgeous Mendes giving her fans a look at her new 'do, some used her post as a trolling opportunity—including one troll who felt the need to comment about her age.

"She's getting old," the user wrote beneath the video. Mendes clearly saw it—and this hater didn't have a chance.

"Yes your right. Thank God I'm getting old," Mendes responded. "That means I'm still here. I'm gonna be 46 soon and grateful every day that I'm aging. Was your comment supposed to make me feel bad? It didn't. It makes me feel grateful. So thank you for the reminder that I'm still here."

And if you're wondering how anyone could hate on Sara Melas from Hitch, you're not the only one. Her clap back was picked up by @commentsbycelebs, who shared it on their Instagram account. Not that Mendes needs any support, but she definitely has a lot.

"Grateful to be alive and also for wisdom, confidence and perspective that comes with age BYEEEE," Entertainment Tonight journalist Lauren Zima wrote responded.

Former Bachelor star Kaitlyn Bristowe added, "SHE KEEPS GETTING YOUNGER IN MY OPINION."

But one of the best came from a commenter who simply wrote, "Literally who looks at this glorious woman and thinks 'She's getting old.' She looks hot AF."

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