From Health magazine
The 44-year-old star of 90210 and mother of daughters Isabella, 10, and Olivia, 9, shares her own personal strategies for staying fit (and looking amazing).

“If I dont exercise, I dont function as well. I respond energetically and emotionally to exercising, whether its yoga, going for a hike, taking a treadmill class, or doing Pilates. But I like to mix it up so I dont get bored.”

Make the most of Me Time.
“I tailor my workout times (and choices!) to whatever my kids are doing. Theres a treadmill class right after I take the girls to school. And last summer, my kids were at camp down at the beach, so my girlfriend and I would both drop off our kids there and then do a five-mile walk through the Palisades.”

Dont go it alone.
“When youre in a group class, youre not bored. My treadmill class is an hour, but it goes by very quickly. Im not as motivated to do cardio at home. For me, the music, the people, and the atmosphere make me push myself harder.”

Shes got a secret weapon.
“My iPod. If I didnt use it, I wouldnt get on the treadmill! If I know I have a mix programmed for myself, Im more inspired. I really love that Pink song, ‘So What (Im Still a Rock Star). And I like Kanye West, Maroon 5, and old Led Zeppelin.”[ pagebreak ]Forget the word diet.
“The minute I tell myself Im on a diet, I want to eat everything in front of me—Im starving! For me, its more about portion control and cutting out foods that have a lot of fat.”

Pass the asparagus.
“The older I get, the more I pay attention to what I eat. I used to eat cookies, but now if I eat that I just crash. I find I have more energy with whole grains, vegetables, and fruit—the complex carbohydrates.”

Snack for energy.
“When Im on set, Ill bring a little bag of almonds or grab an apple. There may be tempting dessert there, but I know if I eat that, Ill be exhausted afterward.”

Her antiaging secret.
“Regular facials. Ive been getting galvanic current, which was once used to rejuvenate the muscles in people whod had strokes, since I was 30. It stimulates your facial muscles almost as if youre getting a workout.”

At-home skin savers.
“I apply a vitamin C gel, a vitamin A oil, and a moisturizer morning and night. And I never go to sleep with makeup on my face. I always try to keep my skin clean, so I make sure I wash off all that heavy powder and makeup.”