Proof that the veggie platter doesn't have to be the most boring part of a party.

Proving that the veggie platter doesn’t have to be the most boring part of a party: Busy Philipps, who Instagrammed this photo of rows of baby vegetables and greens “planted” in a clear tabletop box.

“I’ve NEVER seen a cuter crudité display! The dirt is edible!!!” the Cougar Town actress captioned the shot, taken at the Hollygrove Norma Jean Gala charity event she hosted recently in L.A.


Clearly, we had to get the dirt on this dirt.

Chef Kathleen Schaffer of Schaffer’s Genuine Foods in L.A., who catered the event, reassured us the ‘garden’ was 100% edible. To create the soil, she combined pulverized dehydrated black olives and toasted panko (Japanese bread crumbs) with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, thyme and oregano. To finish, she sprinkled fried wild rice on top to look like grub, calling the crunchy mixture “really delicious.”

She then lined up rows of veggies, including peppers, pattypan squash, jicama, blanched potatoes, radishes and baby jewel lettuce heads, all locally sourced from Scarborough Farms in Oxnard, California.

Our favorite part: Waiters even wore gardening gloves and used mini shovels and spades to serve the spread!

Philipps couldn’t get over the display. “This is my favorite ever!” she wrote.

Love it or not, it certainly gives “down-to-earth” a new meaning.
This article originally appeared on PEOPLE Great Ideas.