The Dancing With the Stars pro has had her fair share of dating blunders, all of which she details in her new book.

By Joanna Preston, Fox News Magazine
March 11, 2015
Credit: Courtesy Fox News Magazine

Let's face it, everybody wants to fall in love and live happily ever after. But sometimes, people can't get past the first date without a series of unfortunate events turning into one big disaster.

Enter (from stage left) Karina Smirnoff.

The Dancing With the Stars pro has had her fair share of dating blunders, all of which she details in her new book, We're Just Not That Into You: Dating Disasters from the Trenches. From hilarious anecdotes to cringe-worthy moments, Smirnoff takes readers into the world of dating, while providing tons of laughs and sound advice.

"Dating is not a chore; it's not a job where you go through a checklist of qualities that you look for in a man," Smirnoff says. "Dating is a fun adventure that hopefully leads to the right person."

Well unfortunately, she wasn't with the right person the night her head got stuck in her date's car window, or the night she dated an A-lister and the only thing she could think to talk about was palm trees.

"Oh my God! Now, every time I see a baby palm tree I think about the date," she laughs. To make matters worse, the date only got more interesting—and became more of a learning experience—from there.

"There's always two sides of the story," she says. "I really hope [people] do read it, because within these stories, we always have these morals, lessons, and flags that we should learn [from], but it's a lot more complicated to learn them while we're in the moment."

Smirnoff's co-author and friend Lindsay Rielly also shares some of her worst date stories in We're Just Not That Into You, but Rielly wants readers to know that their book is not about bashing guys. "We didn't write anything negative," she explains. "It was all positive and fun. We're not painting any type of pictures of people."

More accurately, Smirnoff and Rielly's book gives a personal look into their (sometimes hilarious) love lives, and serves as a great conversation starter not only for your girlfriends, but for the guys as well. The two leave the reader wondering: "What was my worst date? Was it really that bad?"

Whatever the answer, We're Just Not That Into You teaches us to take it as a learning experience and grow from it. And if we find ourselves on a date gone awry, Smirnoff suggests listening to our gut feeling before things get worse. If you choose to ignore it, we just may end up with our heads stuck in the car window.
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