'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon recently conducted a sexy linguistics experiment with the hottie from across the pond. Plus, here's what a fun new survey on the topic has to say.

Is Colin Firth hot? Yes. Idris Elba? Duh. Theo James? ABSOLUTELY. But they also benefit from their charming British accents. So it's no surprise here: a fun, international dating survey from Time Out Magazine found that people consider British accents the sexiest. (Maybe this explains the Benedict Cumberbatch mania.)

Time Out asked 11,000 people in 24 cities around the world, from Paris to Beijing which accent is the most dateable, other than their own. The Brits ran away with 27% of the vote, and us Yanks took a very distant second out of 10, with 8.7%.

In an entertaining twist of fate, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon conducted a sexy linguistics experiment on Monday with another favorite hottie-from-across-the-pond, Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan. Fallon challenged Dornan to the game "Fifty Accents of Grey," which involves reading steamy lines from the book with direction from a random country generator. While Dornan hails from Holywood, Ireland, (country number 3 on the list) he whips out an impressive Scottish accent (no. 8), and a County Cork Irish accent, pointing out that it’s “massively” different than his own Irish brogue. You need to watch this hilarious clip, even though the Brits are unfortunately not represented.

So maybe try a British or Irish accent on for size on your next date. It might benefit your noggin, too: research shows that mimicking a foreign accent really gets your brain working. (But, you know, good luck explaining away your fake dialect if things get serious.)